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Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Valentin Raicea Photography

Capture your special day in all its beauty with Valentin Raicea, the Romanian wedding photographer based in Gosport, Hampshire. With a passion for beautiful moments and a love for the art of photography, Valentin will create natural and artistic images to remember your wedding day forever.


Photography, like art, is freedom. It allows us to express ourselves and tell our story in a way that resonates with others. It's a very special thing, this ability we have to create and share, and it can't exist without our experiences and our lives.

I've always loved photography, architecture, and movies; I'm sure one day I'll find other modes of expression that I love as much as these. But for now, photography will continue to be my outlet. It's become my alphabet—it helps me communicate with the rest of the world, because when I first started out, I was shy. Other photographers’ style didn't matter; they had their own language while I had to find mine inside of me. And through photography, I was able to do just that—I found a way to talk about my world using pictures.

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