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Shooting a Wedding with 85mm and 35mm Prime Lenses - A Hampshire Wedding Photographer's Experience

Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bride and Groom, Documentary wedding photographer, Wedding Ceremony

As a documentary wedding photographer in Hampshire, I'm always looking to capture authentic moments in a reportage style. So, for my kit, having the right lenses is key.

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Tugra and Tim's wedding. For this wedding, I decided to shoot primarily with my 85mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/1.4 Sony prime lenses.

The Ceremony

Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bride and Groom, vows and ring exchange, Wedding Ceremony

The 85mm allowed me to get emotional close-up shots as a reportage photographer from the back without interrupting the ceremony. I captured the intimate vows, ring exchange, and reactions up-close. The 85mm isolated the couple with buttery bokeh.

However, when Tugra started her aisle processional, I quickly switched to the 35mm. The wider view let me showcase the full venue and guests' faces in a documentary way as she walked towards the altar.

The Reception

At the reception, the 35mm excelled at capturing candid moments between the newlyweds and loved ones in a photo journalistic style. I was able to mingle nearby and unobtrusively photograph authentic interactions.

Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bride and Groom, Speeches and toasts, Wedding Party

For speeches and toasts, I switched back to the 85mm. From where I was standing, the 85mm allowed me tight shots of the wedding party at the head table without being intrusive.

The Results

For my first Hampshire wedding using both primes, I felt this combo gave me the flexibility I need as a documentary wedding photographer. The 85mm got gorgeous portraits, while the 35mm enabled environmental storytelling. This confirmed having both focal lengths will improve my reportage wedding photography capabilities!

The bride and groom were very pleased with the photos. As a photographer, that feedback is so rewarding. It reinforces why prime lenses can work so well for wedding photography. I can't wait to use this 85mm and 35mm combo at my next wedding!

Hampshire Wedding Photographer, Bride and Groom, Documentary wedding photographer, Wedding Ceremony

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